Beyond: The Collection is a manifestation of what lies beyond the horizon – for you, for us, for this collection of great summer styles. So what is next – over the horizon?

Summer lies ahead with its optimism, heat, and sizzle. It’s a time for exploration of yourself and of the world around you. Let the heatwave give rise to self-reflection and self-actualization. Explore that which is beyond your current scope of perspective. May the people, cultures, architecture, food, music, and art you find along the way expand your horizon and inspire you to be the very best version of yourself. As your horizon expands, you grow, and discover ever
more new land to investigate.

What lies beyond for each individual style in this collection is up to you. Playfully style it and wear it with joy. Wear it out, and when it is hanging by its last thread, mend it again. You can give new life to your wardrobe and find inspiration for mending and repairing your JUST female garments through our video tutorial collaboration coming soon.

Together we can give all clothes a life beyond.

Adopting the colors of the horizon, from bright yellow, earthy rust red to sky blue, this collection portrays the hope and sweet expectation of what is next to come that a summer’s horizon signifies.

You will find cool crispy oversize dresses and shirts in 100% organic cotton, great flowy summer dresses recycled polyester and sustainable viscose, more 100% organic cotton denim made in Portugal with washes that spare our environment, and much much more.


142 STYLES                            MARCH, APRIL, MAY & JUNE 2021