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We all know the feeling of things being up in the air. Not exactly free-falling, but enough to give you that adrenaline pumping and flutters in the stomach. This collection was created during a global pandemic. Born in uncertainty, but with a distinct sense of hope.

So, instead of focusing on the things we cannot control, we’ve looked to something we know absolutely nothing about. Space. The Universe. Cosmos.

Some look to the stars for guidance and read of their fortune in the magazine horoscopes to remain hopeful. We look into ourselves, our own creative forces, and draw inspiration from the ever-expanding universe and large celestial bodies.

The luxury of zero gravity is that you are not being pulled in any direction but at a complete equilibrium. You can, however, out of sheer will create a new trajectory for yourself. So, amid all this uncertainty, what do we want for Fall? Which direction will we create for ourselves?

What we wish for is versatility; A coat that can be worn six different ways. Not only for simple versatility but also so that we may buy fewer coats in the future and limit our consumption. We wish for clothes that can go from the office, to the sofa, to a social gathering. We want quality and we want environmentally friendly materials. This is our Fall 2021 collection.

We are all made of star dust.

Shine on.